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eta is a private, higher education and training institution specialising in sport qualifications that lead to employment in the sport and fitness industries. These sport qualifications are registered on the Higher Education Qualifications Framework (HEQSF) as well as on the Occupational Qualifications Sub Framework. They are benchmarked against the best international standards in sport and fitness, which means that our graduates are well-equipped to find employment in South Africa and all over the world. We serve our communities by providing access to quality education that ensures that all students gain a deep understanding of wellness. We prepare our graduates to be job-ready or to have an established business by the time they leave us. 


We offer stimulating educational experiences that inspire our students’ learning. They are supported by well-qualified staff and up-to-date teaching and learning technologies with work-based learning that ensures job readiness. eta prides itself on being the leader in educational sport qualifications for the sport and fitness industry.

Higher Certificate in Fitness

This one-year programme combines theoretical knowledge and practical application to pursue a career in the exercise, fitness and wellness industry. You could learn how to apply the principles of exercise science (screening procedures and fitness testing) to design appropriate and individualised training programmes for health, fitness and wellness. Be exposed to various training methods of exercise to promote health and improve fitness and so much more.


Higher Certificate in Sports, Recreation and Fitness Management

This one year vocational programme gives students the vital knowledge and skills needed to embark on a career in the world of sport, recreation or fitness management. You will learn the basics of managing a sport or recreation organisation and how to implement events. You will also acquire knowledge about sport informatics and sport sociology, each giving insight into the world of sport and recreation and the social context in which it functions. This programme gives you the knowledge and skills needed to enter the world of sport and recreation management.

Diploma in Sport and Exercise

This is a unique diploma programme, focused on the field of applied sports science, sports analytics, movement learning theory and sports coaching. It includes current scientific research, which informs professional practice and the ability to analyse sport in a range of ways. Learn how to apply current scientific theory to sports strategies and tactics and the improvement of athletic performance. Upon completion of this programme, you will have a depth of knowledge in performance analysis, sports conditioning and coaching science.

Diploma in Sport and Recreation Management

This diploma programme will appeal to those with an interest in the world of sport development and physical education in the context of sport and recreation business management, sport marketing and public relations as well as event management and its administration processes. The programme includes human capital management and volunteer management, giving insight into the management of individuals and teams in a range of sport and recreation contexts.

Bachelor of Exercise in Sport and Leisure

This Bachelor of exercise in sport and leisure provides the depth of theory and level of application needed to inform professional practice in sport, leisure and fitness environments. The core discipline is exercise science, (also known as Sports Science) with modules in business management and psycho-social studies to ensure a well-rounded professional. The integration of these knowledge fields ensures that graduates are able to design, manage and implement scientifically-based programmes for a range of participants within a range of sport, fitness or leisure business environments.

Bachelor of Management in Sport and Leisure

This comprehensive degree programme emphasises the theories and principles of business management and how they are applied to the commercial worlds of sport and leisure. The programme has a strong emphasis on leadership, emotional intelligence and communication, ensuring you of the knowledge and skills needed to lead and manage others. Sport and Leisure studies include subjects like sports law, sport sociology, legal and ethical issues in sport, sport development and transformation. In your final year you can choose exciting electives such as sport commentary, sport reporting, sport tourism, event management, athlete representation or
facility management.

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The eta vision represents our desired future: We offer stimulating education experiences that inspire our students learning. They are supported by well-qualified staff and up-to-date teaching and learning technologies with work-based learning that ensures job readiness.

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