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If you share a belief that you can make a difference and have the potential to change the world, your journey starts here. STADIO School of Law believes that jurists should act in a way that brings us closer to a South African society characterised by dignity and compassion. A society that celebrates diversity and facilitates the achievement of substantive equality. STADIO School of Law advocates this and it is our mission to empower our students through law qualifications, so that you may go out and help build a better world.


STADIO School of Law are committed to empowering students through their law qualifications so students can become academically sound and ethical jurists, practising the principles of law and making a difference in our country with the necessary skills, knowledge and attitudes required to be gladiators in the arena of the law. Helping to ensure a free and just society.

Bachelor of Commerce in Law (Long Distance)

The Bachelor of Commerce in Law degree will benefit you not only in a competitive business world, but also within the legal fraternity. This qualification is designed to equip students with the core competencies necessary to pursue a career in law or commerce.

Bachelor of Arts in Law (Long Distance)

The Bachelor of Arts in Law programme equips students to interpret and apply law and contribute to the development of the African political system. The programme also aims to offer personal and professional formation through the development of the students’ leadership skills and their understanding of the Humanities within the Southern African context. The programme will enable students to serve in a variety of capacities in the private and public spheres. It will provide the student with the knowledge base, theory, methodology and application relevant to the core areas of private law. The programme will also equip students to be public intellectuals and reflexive practitioners who work for change within Africa. They will learn analytical skills to interpret the political context creatively.

Law Qualifications


Accredited Courses

Being a lawyer is rewarding and provides fulfillment when a lawyer always has justice as his or her aim. STADIO’s Law Qualifications enables one to help others fight against injustices and to protect the vulnerable. Although a lawyer does not always win every case, he or she will do everything in his or her power to make society better.

Law Qualifications



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