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Samson Skills Development Institute has been successfully providing training, testing facilities and specialised welding courses in Durban and Cape Town since 1975. Our vast experience and commitment to excellence has earned us the reputation as being an industry leader. We strive to provide high-quality education and training to help learners equip themselves with the welding courses and skills needed to start out on a chosen career. Samsons was one of the first private training institutions to qualify as a Welder Training Centre to the Department Of Manpower in South Africa.


Welding presents an exceptional career choice due to its versatility, demand, and potential for growth. As a welder, one gets to meld creativity with technical expertise, fabricating structures across various industries, from manufacturing and construction to aerospace and automotive sectors. The skill set gained in welding is highly sought-after, ensuring steady job opportunities and the chance to work independently or within teams.

Welding Course

Our welding course gives you all the fundamentals to get started in the industry of welding. You’ll learn about MIG welding, TIG/Argon welding, the various power tools and Arc welding. 

Welding Courses


Accredited Course

Our mission is to train all learners to the highest possible standards. We consistently adhere to the highest international service standards. We also continously ensure that all the needs of our clients,learners,fellow colleagues and employees are addressed, we consistently apply the highest ethical and safe work standard at all levels or services offered at our training centers. Start your welding course today!

Welding Courses



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